In Ugra the woman left the children in the apartment for three days without food

Investigators in the Surgut district KHMAO check local woman who left four children in the apartment without food for three days, and she went to friends, according to regional investigatory management SK the Russian Federation.

The district Department of internal Affairs on Wednesday informed that inspectors on Affairs of minors during a routine RAID, during which they checked the wards on the place of residence found in one of the apartments without supervision of four children aged from seven to 12 years. Children, as noted, explained to police officers that their mother three days did not come home, the apartment was unsanitary conditions, no food.

The police took the decision to put minors in the hospital where the children have identified a parasitic disease. Looking 30-year-old mother successfully completed: law enforcement officers, as specified, found the woman at the cottage with her friends.

According to authorities, she explained that these days engaged in "his personal life". Concerning it the administrative report is made in the article about the breach of duties under the maintenance and education of minors, she faces a fine of up to 500 rubles. The life and health of children threatens nothing, but the materials are transferred to bodies of guardianship and guardianship for decision-making, stressed in OMVD.

"Investigation Department... organized procedural check. The family consists on the account in inspection on Affairs of minors as unsuccessful", - is spoken in the message SUCK.

The investigators find out all the circumstances of the incident, they plan to assess the timeliness and completeness of actions of bodies of guardianship and guardianship on the rights of minors, said the Agency.

According to the investigation, children are in a specialized family care centres.

My check is conducted by the district Prosecutor's office, the press service of the Supervisory authority. The Agency intends to study the actions of specialists of the system of prevention of neglect and offenses of minors Surgut district, are obliged to identify such families. In addition, the prosecution will assess the performance of a mother raising children.