Trump commented on the the death of African American Brooks in Atlanta

US President, Donald trump declared that the arrest and death of African-American Rashard Brooks in Atlanta over "very bad", and advised not to resist the police.

In Atlanta the protests began because of the death on Friday of African-American Rashard Brooks with the arrest by the police. Brooks, who in a drunken state slept in the Parking lot of the fast food restaurant, was detained by the police, but began to resist, pulled out a COP's Taser and tried to escape. Police officer Garrett, Rolf opened fire. Brooks died in the hospital. Prosecutors accuse Rolf, who had previously dismissed from the police force, on 11 counts, including murder.

"You can't resist a police officer that way. This ended a terrible contradiction. And look how it ended? Really, really bad," said trump in an interview with Fox News channel.

The President also referred to the attorney Rolf with his client States that, at the time of the chase, the policeman heard a sound like a gunshot, and the flash.

"They (the court – ed.) need to understand. It is a question of justice. I hope he (Rolf – ed.) will get a fair hearing. Because the police in our country cost is unfair," added trump.