Chinese media praised the upcoming Victory parade

The traditional Victory day parade on red square in Moscow is a way for authorities to demonstrate military power and to inspire the Russians, defending the status of the country of the winner in the war against fascism. This opinion was expressed by the Chinese publication Xinhua.

How do you think the Chinese journalists, it allows you to not only show the latest weapons, but is an opportunity for Russia "to show their great ambitions as a major power and national power."

The decision to hold the parade in a pandemic coronavirus "shows the courage of Russia" around the world, added to the article.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to postpone the parade in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Victory due to the complex epidemiological situation. In Russian cities on may 9 held aviaparade and fireworks. In late may, the President announced that the Victory parade will be held June 24.

As expected, it will take part more than 13 thousand military will be involved of 234 contemporary and historical ground-based military equipment, including the latest combat vehicle tank support "Terminator", self-propelled howitzer "Coalition-SV" and "Msta-SM", tanks T-90M and "Armata", anti-aircraft missile systems "Buk-M3", "tor-M2", s-400, and 75 aircraft and helicopters.

Viewers will also see some elements of the historic parade on 24 June 1945. For example, in the beginning granted "Jubilee greeting March". Marching band will present 900 musicians.

The parade will also be attended by delegations from 13 countries, including China. Together with Russian colleagues they will March on red square.