The expert gave a forecast for gasoline prices after a record rise in price of AI-95

Expert of the national energy security Fund Stanislav Mitrakhovich commented on the price hike of petrol Ron 95, the price of which Saint-Petersburg international commodity-a raw stock exchange has reached at 56.7 thousand rubles per ton.

In an interview with "Evening Moscow", he noted that in Russia as anti-crisis measures temporarily imposed a ban on imports of gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, marine fuel and gas oil that would be cheaper than domestic fuel.

The interlocutor of the edition emphasized that increased the price of all imported goods including components for industrial equipment, which also leads to a rise in price of oil.

He said that in some countries pay subsidies to compensate for high energy prices and to stimulate the purchase of cars.

"Independent fuel suppliers and oil companies propose to revise its tax policy and increase the damping premiums that are paid to oil companies as an incentive to the supply of petroleum products on the domestic market. After the fall of oil prices, the damper turned into additional tax," he said.

According to the expert, if you remove the damper and reduce excise taxes, gasoline will become cheaper, but it will adversely affect the budget.

"Everyone is happy will not. In this case, will pay the consumer," he said.

Mitrakhovich noticed that in Russia average world prices for fuel.

The expert added that at the end of the pandemic the demand for gasoline will increase, which will lead to its rise in price.

As follows from the data of the St. Petersburg international commodity exchange, since June, the price of AI-95 increased by 10% to 56.7 thousand rubles per ton, breaking the historical record. As noted by the President of the Independent fuel Union Pavel Bazhenov, the price of gasoline has increased primarily due to the damping mechanism.