Ex-police officer in murder case Brooks could face the death penalty

Ex-COP Garrett Rolf, the suspect in the murder of African-American Rashard Brooks, will face 11 charges, one of which is murder with punishment from life imprisonment to the death penalty, said on Wednesday reporters the Fulton County district attorney Paul Howard.

Broadcast from the courtroom led of the Fox News channel.

In addition, the list of charges five episodes of attacks aggravated with a firearm, including shooting in the direction of other people who were there, each of which provides till 20 years of imprisonment, damage of private property and violation of the oath.

Second COP Devin Brosnan who took part in it, charged with three counts, including the aggravated assault.

According to Howard, the prosecution already had the opportunity to interview ten witnesses and to see eight videos, including recordings of wearable police cameras, recording security cameras, and three recordings made by witnesses on mobile phones.

"We came to the conclusion that when Mr. Brooks was shot, it did not represent an immediate threat of death or physical injury to the police officer," said Howard.

According to his words, after nearly 42 minutes of communication with the police, Brooks never showed a threat or threatening behavior, followed all instructions and did not resist, answered numerous questions and allowed us to search yourself. Before he was "sleeping" in his car when he was awakened by the police.

"Mr. Brooks at any point was not informed that he was arrested for driving under the influence. And the requirement of the police Department in Atlanta that detainees should immediately warn about it. And then he was grabbed from behind by the officer (Devin) Brosnan," continued the Prosecutor.

He noted that everything points to the fact that at the time of the shooting Brooks ran away from militiamen. Howard drew attention to the fact that the laws of Atlanta prohibits not only shooting firearms at the fleeing, if they don't pose an obvious threat to the life and health of police officers, but even to shoot a Taser in the back of the person in relation to Brooks ' was done twice.

Another violation of the rules is that after the shooting, police are obliged to immediately begin to provide medical assistance, however, for two minutes, nothing happened. Moreover, the officer Rolf came up and kicked lying on the ground Brooks, and the second policeman stood on his shoulder, said Howard.

In Atlanta before the beginning of the protests over the death of African-American Rashard Brooks with the arrest by the police. Brooks, who in a drunken state slept in the Parking lot of the fast food restaurant, was detained by the police, but began to resist, pulled out a COP's Taser and tried to escape. The policeman opened fire. Brooks died in the hospital. On the background of the incident, the mayor of Atlanta keisha lance bottoms announced the reform of city police, including in relation to the use of lethal force and de-escalation of the conflict.

At the end of may-the United States swept the protests against racism and police brutality after the murder of a white policeman African American George Floyd. The authorities of many cities in the light of the protests said the police reform and revision of police training.