Another 13 people fell ill COVID-19 in Saratov regional hospital

Another 13 people were infected with coronavirus infection in Balashov district hospital in the Saratov region, where one of the branches because of the threat COVID-19 previously closed on quarantine, said Wednesday the first Deputy Minister of health of the region Stanislav Shuvalov.

The regional operational headquarters for the fight against COVID-19 June 2, said that 18 people infected with the coronavirus infection identified in one of the offices Balashov regional hospital, which is already closed on quarantine. On Wednesday, Oberstar reported identifying 25 new cases of coronavirus in the territory of the Balashov district.

"A new outbreak of infection in the area of Balashov district no. This is the active examination of contact persons. primarily, the survey... was the introduction of infection to the district hospital, so that the number of registered cases of infection of staff - eight people, five people is infection of patients. Other cases are scattered cases in the district", - Shuvalov said Wednesday at a briefing on the situation COVID-19 in the field.

In total, the region 4982 laboratory-confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus, died in 39 patients, recovered 2317.

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