The Saratov Ministry of health to find out the cause of death of the veteran after the examination

The Ministry of health of the Saratov region on behalf of the Governor understands the situation with the death of a veteran of the great Patriotic war after the passage of preventive examinations in the regional hospital for war veterans, said Wednesday the first Deputy Minister of health of the region Stanislav Shuvalov.

Previously, the Department of the RF IC in the region reported that investigators are checking reports of the death of 94-year-old veteran of the great Patriotic war Vasily Mitchenko. According to preliminary data, the veteran may 14, was admitted into the hospital for routine examinations, health complaints he was not, and at the end of may he was discharged, while the one that's taken of the patient's relatives noticed the symptoms of stroke, although the staff of the medical establishment never told them about it and did not take appropriate measures for its timely assistance. The veteran died on June 14.

"Given the fact that the relatives of the patient there are certain issues to quality medical assistance is the request of the Governor of region Valery Radaev details to understand what happened and whether there were any defects in the course of providing medical care, of course, the Ministry of health takes part in the disposition of the case", - Shuvalov said Wednesday at a briefing on the situation COVID-19 in the field.

He noted that as a result of the conducted analysis, the Agency will be able to make certain conclusions.

"Of course, we need detailed approach to this question, to understand what happened, how, where was - if they had allowed some violations, naturally, after this report to the Governor... To this checking involved and the specialists of Saratov state medical University so she was a full-fledged, high-quality, well main extraordinary specialists of the Ministry of health of the region too (borrowed)", - concluded the Deputy Minister.