On red square began the first night rehearsal of Victory parade

The first night rehearsal of the parade, which will take place on June 24 in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war, began on Wednesday in the red square in Moscow, said the Ministry of defence.

"At 22.00 Moscow time on the red square of the capital, members of the Hiking ceremonial calculations and mechanized columns started to the training of the military parade, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of victory in the great Patriotic war", - stated in the message.

Clarifies that pedestrian column formed of more than 40 parade of representatives of Russian power structures, also in training at the red square, attended by ceremonial calculations military personnel of foreign countries.

"For the first time this year at the red square will be the soldiers of the Sixth company of the 104th guards air assault red banner regiment from the 76th guards air assault Chernigov red banner order of Suvorov division", - stated in the message.

It is noted that the anniversary parade will be a historical component. In the walking part of the parade will be presented on 11 parade in the historical uniforms: group carrying banners of the fronts of the great Patriotic war, the banner company with combat banners of military units and formations of the period of the war, companies of infantry and militia, pilots, sailors, engineers, scouts and border guards, the front payment in the form of participants in the military parade of 1945.

"The composition of the mechanized column entered of 234 historical, modern and future military equipment, more than 20 samples which will participate in the military parade for the first time", - stated in the defense Ministry.

Submitted to T-80БВМ and T-90M "Breakthrough" infantry fighting vehicles BMP-2 combat module "Berezhok", BMP "kurganets-25" with 57-mm combat module "Epoch", infantry combat vehicles "Armata" combat module "Dagger" protected vehicles "Typhoon-K" is 4x4 with battle remote control module and "Typhoon-Navy," anti-aircraft artillery systems "Derivation-defense" anti-aircraft missile systems "Buk-M3" and anti-aircraft missile system s-300V4, reactive systems of volley fire "Tornado-C", heavy flamethrower system TOS-1 and TOS-2, battle machines remote mining (of remote monitoring), machine coastal missile complex "BALL", anti-aircraft missile system s-350 and s-400 anti-aircraft missile and gun complexes "Pantsir-SM", machines to ensure alerting and machine remote mine "Foliage".

To participate in the parade are admitted mainly soldiers of the immune COVID-19 and no signs of infectious diseases. Training of the military parade held in the PPE - wearing gloves and masks.

The second night training on the red square will be held on Thursday, also at 22.00, dress rehearsal – June 20.