Durov threatened to sue Facebook

The founder of Telegram messenger and social network "Vkontakte" Pavel Durov has accused the company of Facebook and its Instagram in the dissemination of fraudulent ads on his behalf.

According to him, the Corporation "for more than a year earns" the advertising schemes that fraudulently bilking people out of money. The victim of such ads began including the elderly and pensioners, said Durov.

The businessman said that the last such announcement appeared in social networks today, however, "reports of fraudulent activities approved by the company Facebook", began to be placed a year ago.

Durov cited article "Izvestia" of June 17, in which 65-year-old Russian told of the "unique trading platform for seniors, which was developed by brothers Durov". To place an ad scammers fraudulently forced the woman to take a loan of almost 200 thousand rubles.

He stressed that the company continued to promote these schemes, despite numerous complaints and the indignation of the users. Durov called this situation unacceptable.

"Judging by the speed with which the team of Russian-speaking Facebook moderators carries out political censorship, resources on evaluation of the ads the company should be sufficient," — said Durov.

As written, the entrepreneur, in the interests of Facebook until the end of the week to show a responsible attitude to its advertising platform. He also expressed hope that the Corporation will compensate the damages to victims of scams.

Durov encouraged social media users to keep fraudulent advertising posts to Facebook and Instagram.

"These certificates may be claimed within the framework of judicial processes," he wrote.