The UN has urged India and China to exercise maximum restraint

UN urges China and India to exercise maximum restraint, said at the briefing Deputy spokesman of the Secretary General of the organization Farhan Haq.

According to him, the UN has also noted with satisfaction the reports that both countries cooperating in order to de-escalate the situation.

An incident between Chinese and Indian military took place in the evening of June 15 in the region of the valley Galvan in Ladakh. According to the Chinese military, on the evening of 15 June in the area of the river Galvan on the border, the Indian military is in breach, and again breached the line of actual control, deliberately carried out a provocative attack that has led to fierce collision, was wounded and killed. Chinese foreign Ministry protested and made a presentation of India in connection with a new incident on the border.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of India stated that the collision occurred as a result of efforts of the Chinese side to unilaterally change the consensus to respect the line of actual control in the valley Galvan.