Belarus has blocked the account of the electoral Fund of Babariko

Account of the electoral Fund of the candidate for the post of President of Belarus Victor Babariko blocked, said on Wednesday the headquarters of the policy.

Previously the head office of Belagroprombank in Minsk were searched. Belgazprombank for 20 years was headed by former Vice-President of the Republic of Babariko. The state control Committee stated that on the basis of the BGB acted organized criminal group, the conclusion of money abroad. In criminal cases, arrested 15 people, including Bank executives, however, Babariko until they procedural status has not. Babariko believes that the authorities ' actions are politically motivated nature. Presidential elections will be held in Belarus on 9 August.

"Today, if you attempt to make payments at the expense of the election Fund, the employees of "Belarusbank" (the Belarusian state Bank - ed.) reported that the account of the Victor Babariko on which is formed an electoral Fund, locked – arrested debit transactions on the account. Documents confirming the arrest, or the presence of other grounds for restrictions on the disposal of the electoral Fund, was not provided," - said in the headquarters.

On the account are funds of the election Fund in the amount of more than a hundred thousand of Belarusian rubles (equivalent to about 42 thousand dollars), said the headquarters.

"The ban on the disposal of these funds does not allow to fully implement the electoral law. On the illegitimacy of such a ban will be brought to the attention of the authorized state bodies: we will be prepared and filed a complaint," reads the message.

However, the headquarters noted, "the seizure of funds of the election Fund will not affect the current activities of the staff." "At the headquarters and on the picket lines to collect signatures staffed by volunteers, members of initiative groups that do not receive any remuneration. All collected signatures will be duly verified and submitted to the relevant election Commission", - said in the headquarters.