Fisherman in Spain found a medieval statue of the virgin Mary with child

. A fisherman accidentally found in the river SAR, in North-West Spain granite sculpture of the virgin Mary with the child, the age inferred is approximately 700 years, reports The Guardian.

"Fishing I slipped on a stone and noticed that it is square, which is very strange for the river, but when I looked closer, I distinguished a Cape, head and realized that he had found something unusual," — said a local resident Fernando Bray Spanish newspaper Voz de Galicia.

Moss-covered statue pulled from river in the suburbs of Santiago de Compostela and was sent to the Museum of pilgrimage.

"On both sides of the virgin Mary at the level of the shoulders – the angels. They are very worn, but the face can be dismantled", — reads the statement of the municipal authorities.

The pedestal of the sculpture is embellished with a flower with four petals and acanthus leaves. The face was not preserved, neither the virgin nor the baby.

Authorities plan to examine the find to determine its cultural and historical value, and to understand where it came from, as it appeared in the river and as I lay there undetected for so long.