In the Ivanovo area in the hospital received more than 60 patients with pneumonia

More than 60 of patients with pneumonia received over the past day in hospitals in Ivanovo region, which is a record, said at a briefing Director of the Department of health region Arthur Fokin.

As of 17 June, the region was 3685 cases of new coronavirus infection, a day set 86 diagnoses. Of the new cases, 67 people were examined as received from SARS and pneumonia, by contact with previously diseased infected 17 people. One case arrived in the region from Moscow. Another person voluntarily tested for COVID-19 in a private laboratory. He had no symptoms and contact with an infected person, but received a positive test result.

In the hospital with a diagnosis of COVID-19 are 814 people, including on the beds with oxygen – 214. On the resuscitators – 14 patients. The authorities note that while the number of critically ill patients is not reduced.

"Yesterday was a big enough statement for the day issued 165 persons from hospital, and those who were treated on an outpatient basis, in General, to date in Ivanovo region recovered 1676 patients with a confirmed diagnosis of a coronavirus," – said Fokin.

According to him, a day in the statistics of deaths from the coronavirus in the region included the 51-year-old patient of Zavolzhsky district. In addition to comorbidities, which appear in the majority of postmortem epicrisis of deaths from coronavirus infection in the region, the man had tuberculosis. Only in the region died 31 patients with confirmed COVID-19.

According to Fokina, Wednesday was the largest for the time of the epidemic, the arrival of pneumonias in a disused clinic.

"The hospital received 62 people with pneumonia, this we have not been. And nine people with pneumonia, revealed yesterday, are treated on an outpatient basis. This indicator for viral pneumonia, we believe the most realistic in assessing the dynamics of the spread of the virus," said Fokin.

Only in the group of patients with ORVI and a pneumonia 1932 revealed a positive test for the coronavirus, including 67 in the last day. The total number COVID-positive pneumonia today in the region is 1087 cases.

The population of the Ivanovo region, according to 2020 amounts to 997 thousand people.

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