More than five thousand Russians have returned home export flights per week

A little more than 5 thousand Russians have returned home export flights from abroad during the week, a spokesman for the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

"Last week, in the period from 10 to 17 June was taken by flights of Russian and foreign air carriers in the aggregate more than 5 thousand people from new York, Phuket, Dubai, Bangkok, Cape town, Casablanca, Paris, Bishkek, Osh, Bali, Tashkent, Tokyo, Goa, Ho Chi Minh city, Seoul, Yerevan, Antalya, Delhi. Since the beginning of the algorithm (for export) exported over 33 thousand flights of Russian airlines, more than 4.5 thousand foreign. The number of returnees citizens on the basis of the algorithm from the beginning of April is approaching 38 thousand people", - said Zakharov on the briefing.

In particular, on Tuesday in Tyumen and Moscow returned 154 Russians export complex flight Utair, which carried out flights in six African countries. Among the passengers of the flight, according to Zakharova, was both ordinary citizens and employees of the airline who were on long business trips abroad.

Russia on the background of the pandemic coronavirus as of March 27, stopped regular and Charter flights with other countries. With the exception of export routes, as well as the cargo, postal, health and humanitarian flights, stretches of empty planes to maintenance, transit flights with a landing to refuel (crew change) on the territory of the Russian Federation and the flights carried out by separate decisions of the government of the Russian Federation.

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