Russia offers the world a new civilizational choice, said Patrushev

Russia offers the world a new civilizational choice, one based on giving to national sovereignty, including in the field of culture and moral principles, the status of the greatest values - in contrast to the attitudes of Western neo-liberalism, said the Secretary of security Council of Russia Nikolai Patrushev.

In his article "does Russia Need a "universal" value?" in "the Russian newspaper" Patrushev noted that perpetuated by the West's neoliberal "universal" norms are contrary to human nature and fundamental essence of religion as hostile to them. These "anti-values" is not only destroying the traditional spiritual foundations of certain States, but also undermine the system of global security, said Patrushev.

"Such norms and values cannot be taken of the multinational Russian people under any circumstances", - said Patrushev.

Against this background it is important is the question of what Russia has to offer the world in return, added the security Council Secretary. "Unlike the West, Russia is, in fact, offers a new choice which include equality, fairness, non-interference in internal Affairs, the lack of mentor tone and any pre-conditions for mutually beneficial cooperation", - said Patrushev.

"Russia proposes the construction of national sovereignty, including cultural, spiritual and moral, in the status of the greatest value and a basis for subsequent construction of human civilization", - he added.

According to him, there is no doubt that the number of followers of such a choice in the world will grow, "creating more favorable conditions for development and prosperity of various countries and peoples."