The mayor of London has reduced his salary by 10%

The mayor of London Sadiq Khan has reduced his salary by 10%, and suspended the increase of salaries to the employees of the municipality, managerial positions, to reduce expenses of the city budget on the background of the pandemic coronavirus, the TV channel ITV.

The salary of the mayor of London is 152,734 thousands of pounds a year. Thus, in 2020, the Khan would wipe 15.3 thousand pounds.

"COVID-19 had a devastating impact on the budget of London which was in great shape before the pandemic. The revenues of TfL (transport management London company) has fallen by more than 90%, plummeting income from business and municipal taxes" - are the words of the mayor.

The U.S. also noted that it is not a supporter of austerity measures, however if we do not reduce costs, then the city authorities will have to cut the number of police, fire and other essential services.