Patrushev called tools spaces of neoliberal policies

The so-called "universal values" that have nothing to do with human nature, are a tool to impose Western neoliberal policies, says Secretary of the Russian security Council Nikolai Patrushev.

In his article "does Russia Need the "universal values?" in "the Russian newspaper" Patrushev noted that core values as an ideal target and the quality of society largely coincide with the most people: "there is No one, no matter who advocated for justice, security or well-being."

"In addition, many members of the older and middle generations are familiar with the concept, which was widely used during the so-called perestroika and in the period of formation of the new Russia – "universal values", - said Patrushev.

"Without denying the existence of common human values, I would emphasize that in that period the implementation of the "concept of human values", on the one hand, made more understandable and closer to the previously "closed" for most of the population of our country, "the Western world", and with another – allowed to promote social and moral values do not always coincide with traditional domestic values," said Secretary of the Russian security Council.

The term "Western values" in Russia, in his opinion, understand how values, not peculiar to Russian society and the dominant foreign culture.

According to Patrushev, "Western values", which in recent decades has increasingly treated as "universal", because in that form enshrined in the official documents of the European Union became a stamp.

"It must be noted that some European values, for example the eight-hour working day, equality between women and men the right to vote for women was only due to the events of 1917 in Russia. The equality in voting rights, for example in France, women received only in 1944, Switzerland in 1971, and in Portugal only in 1974," - said Patrushev.

According to Patrushev, in the West deliberately blur such basic notions as family, mother and father, man and woman.

"Moreover, these rules are contrary to the most fundamental fact of Christianity, Islam, Judaism and other religions and are hostile to them", - said Patrushev.

In the social sphere, neoliberalism fosters individualism, selfishness, the cult of pleasure, of unrestrained consumption, absolyutiziruyut the freedom of any expression, specified by the Secretary of the security Council. While on the West, not all support such "anti-values", noted Patrushev.

According to him, many such examples. "Suffice it to recall mass protests in France conducted against the legalization of gay marriage in January 2013. Then, on the streets of Paris left more than 300 thousand people. The vote in the National Assembly of France, which was held for consideration of the bill "Marriage for all" shared the Parliament almost in half (from 565 225 parliamentarians voted were against the adoption of the law)," he said Patrushev.

"Given the level of polarization of French society in those days, it begs the question of whether these values are really universal or are they all the same someone artificially imposed?" - concluded the Secretary of the security Council.