Patrushev spoke about the impact of Western values on the security

Neo-liberal values spread by the West, not only destroying the traditional spiritual foundations of certain States, but also undermine the system of global security, said Secretary of security Council of Russia Nikolai Patrushev.

In his article "does Russia Need a "universal" value?" in "the Russian newspaper" Patrushev noted that the Western "universal" norms are contrary to human nature and fundamental essence of religion as hostile to them.

"Among other things, the new Western values have given rise to torture in prisons in Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay, have become a disincentive to service in the army and protect his country. The resolute refusal of some countries to accept these values often leads to sanctions directed against entire peoples", - said Patrushev.

All the design of traditional Western values have undergone such profound changes that the current "universal" norms actually has nothing to do with the former, more familiar to us system of values of European civilization, said the Secretary of the security Council.

It is not about the substitution of some values of others, Patrushev said. "We should talk about the emergence of a new ideological system, which aims, ultimately, to the destruction of any traditional religious and moral values as the basic Foundation of the cultural and political sovereignty of countries and peoples," he said. According to Patrushev, the new Western values have become in the world the imposition of an alien worldview: the ideology of the West put whole countries and peoples are faced with a choice – either you accept the "universal values", or your values are wrong, immoral.

"Thus, any attempt to standardize the Russian or other assets under the officially adopted "universal" are a manifestation of socio-cultural aggression aimed at the destruction of traditional value systems in a particular state," said Secretary of the security Council.

"In terms of digitalization of modern society, against the background of degradation of the system of international relations and international security collective West is committed to implement neo-liberal dogma in the minds of Russian citizens and our compatriots around the world, attacking not only traditional Russian spiritual and moral values, but also true, indeed, common to mankind values, undermining the foundations of States. In this widely used ideological formulations of the "clash of civilizations," wrote Patrushev.

No less devastating was the impact of these norms on the system of international security, he added.

"The substitution of international standards right of the strongest, with fire and sword propagated "freedom and democracy" where they can not exist in this Western sense, by definition, due to historical, religious, ethnological and other reasons have led to the tragedy of Iraq, Syria and Libya. Separate a shameful page in history for all of the NATO countries was and always will be barbaric bombing of Yugoslavia," said Secretary of the security Council.

"The attack is conducted on "all fronts" this "hybrid" war. The main target elected the erosion developed over the centuries of traditions of the various peoples, their language, faith and historical memory of generations", - said Patrushev.