Patrushev noted the erosion of traditional values in the West

The rapid destruction of the middle class in Western countries is accompanied by the destruction of "protected" their traditional human values, said the Secretary of the Russian security Council Nikolai Patrushev.

"Pandemic COVID-19 clearly revealed the negative consequences of the new plantings of Western values, especially the deepening of fragmentation, indifference and confusion in the face of imminent danger," Patrushev wrote in his article "does Russia Need a "universal" value?" in "the Russian newspaper".

The crisis of Western society "comes amid another process, which in the West is simply not accepted to speak," said Patrushev. "There is a rapid destruction of the middle class, which is precisely the conservative majority ensured the preservation of traditional values," explained Secretary of the security Council. As noted Patrushev, the Western "universal" norms are contrary to human nature and fundamental essence of religion as hostile to them.

According to Patrushev, the catalyst of the destruction of the Western middle class has become a geopolitical catastrophe caused by the collapse of the Soviet Union, because the elimination of the main ideological opponent completely untied the hands of Western neo-liberal elite. "The need to address the ideological problem which was earlier imposed on the middle class, no longer because with the changes in our country have lost the sense of any demonstration of the "advantages" of the Western way of life", - said Patrushev.

The destruction of the middle class, along with the worsening migration situation, in turn, stimulated the revival of "cave nationalism", which is actually encouraged by the US and the leading countries of the "United" Europe, like in Ukraine. Nurtured right-wing and nationalist parties in Europe, said Secretary of the security Council.