Patrushev urged to preserve Russian spiritual values

Conservation and augmentation of the Russian spiritual and moral values, and protecting them from the values of neo-liberal persuasion, who are moving West to destroy the state sovereignty of Russia, should be the main task of future generations of Russian citizens, said the Secretary of the Russian security Council Nikolai Patrushev.

"The system of traditional Russian values, have existed for centuries, serves the spiritual and moral Foundation of our society. This system lay in the basis of world-historic victory of the Soviet people in the great Patriotic war 1941-1945", - said Patrushev in his article "does Russia Need a "universal" value?" in "the Russian newspaper".

This Foundation helps to preserve and strengthen the sovereignty of Russia, to build her future, despite all the complexities and contradictions of historical development, said Patrushev.

"Our country is in a literal sense suffered their values, and now the main task of future generations is to preserve and increase", - he stressed.

"The value of our multinational and multiconfessional society are to be protected from the aggressive promotion of the values of neoliberal wing, which in many ways contradict the very essence of our understanding of the world and actively promote our geopolitical opponents in the struggle for influence on the development of civilization and its dominance in the world. We see that they still seek to destroy the common home of the multinational family of the peoples of Russia, to diminish the importance of traditional spiritual and moral values as the basis of cultural, spiritual, political and, ultimately, state sovereignty", - said Patrushev.