In Sweden the number of victims of coronavirus, has exceeded five thousand

The number of fatal cases of infection with coronavirus, reached in Sweden on Wednesday 5 041, the number of people infected was 54.5 thousand people, follows from the statistics published by the public health Agency of Sweden.

Since the beginning of June, the health Agency refused to daily press conferences and publishes statistics on its web site.

In recent days the office has received new data about 102 deaths. However, as noted earlier, data on the deceased accumulated for just a few days, then distributed on the days when death was recorded with the patients. On the overall chart on the Agency's website shows that since the beginning of June, the number of deaths per day is about 40 people.

The highest mortality rate - more than 4% - was recorded in the age group older than 70 years, about 40% of all who died lived in nursing homes.

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