Flight attendants told about unhealthy beverages on Board

Flight attendants told what the drinks on Board can carry hidden health threat, reports the Express.

One of the flight attendants shared on the forum that even if a person chooses healthy food, some dishes may not be as good as they seem. For example, passengers on Board offer juice packages, which can be a lot of sugar. And 300 milliliters of the drink can contain him more than the world health organization recommends to consume per day.

Another attendant talked about the reason why the plane shouldn't drink coffee and tea. According to her, the water tanks are washed and cleaned only a few times a year.

However, given that airlines reinforce the measures of hygiene on Board, this information may not be relevant.

Flight attendants warn of the danger of alcohol consumption on Board.

Along with the fact that drunk too much alcohol, may cause concern to neighbours, it has negative consequences for his health and well-being.