In Mordovia died the anesthesiologist who treated patients with the coronavirus

The anesthesiologist Andrew Lamzin who worked in the hospital of Mordovia coronavirus patients died of pneumonia, according to oberstab region.

"Andrey Ivanovich Lamzin 1962 worked as an anesthesiologist-resuscitator at GBUZ RM "Komsomolskaya TSRB" in 2004. Has the highest qualification category. From may 2020, he began to work in Covina hospital GBUZ RM "Ardatovskaya RB". Cause of death was bilateral pneumonia. Histological study of coronavirus is carried out", - said oberstab of Mordovia.

Condolences expressed by the head of Mordovia Vladimir Volkov. "I offer deep condolences to Andrei Ivanovich. The doctors at RCH them. S. V. Katkova, where he was treated, did everything possible, but to save him failed. The death of Andrei Ivanovich - professional high-level and the present one is a difficult loss for us. Relatives we will provide all necessary assistance," - said in a condolence message.

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