In the Arkhangelsk region told about pockets of coronavirus

Epidemiological investigations are carried out at least in five medical institutions of the Arkhangelsk region, as well as the orphanage where outbreaks of coronavirus infection, reported in the sit room in the region.

"Coming to the end of the work of epidemiologists in AOCB. There, recall, recorded two flashes. The first in the pulmonology unit, where he was ill on 23 persons - localized. The second surgical unit, where infected 129 people even in the work", - stated in the message.

In addition, localized situation in Konoshskiy CRH — there was 31 cases, COVID-19 were detected in 19 patients and 12 employees. Continues epibrassinolide in the First city clinical hospital, where cardiocore identified 32 cases of the patient and 19 employees.

Work epidemiologists in Severodvinsk mental hospital: there are 32 cases COVID-19, in 29 patients and 3 staff. Reported cases in the cancer clinic — they found six cases, but the situation is already localized due to the prompt reaction of the staff.

"Implementing anti-epidemic measures in Severodvinsk in an orphanage, where was 10 cases. The head of the Ministry Anton Kabanov said that the children of the local orphanage are hospitalized in medical institutions", - said in the sit room.

The head of the regional Ministry of health also reported that the largest number of patients with confirmed COVID-19 inpatient treatment at the regional hospital is a 240. In Severodvinsk city hospital No. 2 hospital are 188 people, and in Kotlasskiy CRB — 91 patients.

Patients who carry the disease is mild or asymptomatic, are treated as an outpatient. In Arkhangelsk, the largest number of such patients observed in the city polyclinic №2 248, in the Center of a name of Semashko — 117 patients in Severodvinsk city hospital №2 — 131, according to the medical unit No. 58 of FMBA of Russia is 1037 "ambulatory" patients in Novodvinsk those — 104.

Only in the Arkhangelsk region revealed more than 4 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus. The most difficult situation in Severodvinsk, entry into which is limited.

Recent data on the situation of COVID-19 in Russia and the world presented on the portal stopmanager.of the Russian Federation.