An official in the government of Orenburg region revealed a coronavirus

The coronavirus detected at the employee and security guard of the government of the Orenburg region, the security service suspended, according to oberstab region.

"According to the regional Ministry of health employee working in the building №2 of the regional government, identified COVID-19 without clinical manifestations. Last week in connection with the manifestation of symptoms of SARS, one of the guards "Agroprom" was suspended from work. Subsequently, he was diagnosed with "coronavirus infection," - said oberstab region of the coronavirus.

In the message it is noted that anti-epidemic measures in the building of the government of the Orenburg region is conducted in accordance with sanitary requirements, infection was examined by all employees.

According to Ministry of health of the region, in the Orenburg region on June 17, was 22948 cases of coronavirus infection, of which 2150 recovered, 12 died.

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