In Prague plan to change the tourist image of the city

Prague is one of Europe's most popular places for noisy visits to bars and parties with cheap beer, now the city authorities plan to focus on cultural and gastronomic tourism, according to Lonely Planet.

In the Czech capital with a population of only 1.3 million people annually in six times more tourists, but on the average the travelers stay for a couple nights. Growth in the number of guests contribute to the airlines-loukosterov. In the end, according to the newspaper, Prague became the fourth city in Europe by number of visits after London, Paris and Rome.

Local residents complained for years that the city no longer belongs to them. For example, part of new infrastructure projects and amenities designed specifically for travelers. The tourism Board of Prague says he is looking for "guests of another type," hoping to promote cultural values, cooking and to hold tourists for longer than just a weekend. Specific plans were not made public.

The Czech Republic is gradually starting to open up to foreigners. For the convenience of European countries divided by color of the traffic light. Visitors of "green" regions, such as Germany, are allowed to visit without restrictions. Travelers from the "yellow" countries, such as France and Italy, must submit a negative test for coronavirus, residents of the two "red" States — the UK and Sweden to not only research but also quarantine.