Tour operators spoke about the surge of booking tours on the Black sea

Tour operators spoke about the upsurge in booking of resorts of the Black sea, according to experts the demand can be compared with last year, according to TourDom.ru.

So, the head of one of the companies Ilya Umansky said that the increase in the number of bookings goes "day by day". According to experts, if there are no new obstacles for tourists, the sale will be to catch up with the statistics of summer 2019. Now the figures are 80 percent compared to the same period last year.

The head of another tour operator Sergey Romashkin said that "this month is not booked, tourists disappointed and all transfer in July." According to his forecasts, the volume of orders in the second summer month will reach last year's level and even exceed their ten percent. But he added that this is possible, provided that the Krasnodar region and the Crimea will start to take a rest in full.

The representative of another major tour operator said that only yesterday realized 7800 vouchers to destinations of Sochi, Anapa, Kaliningrad, Simferopol.