Sweden has published statistics of mortality from COVID-19 in Stockholm

Mortality from COVID-19 in Stockholm in the peak of morbidity at the end of March amounted to 0.6 percent, according to a new report, health protection Agency of Sweden.

The experts note a significant difference between age groups.

"The mortality rate in the group older than 70 years was 4.3% in the group younger than 70 years at 0.1 percent," the report notes. Only the researchers studied 1667 cases in the Metropolitan region, the most affected by the pandemic.

The Swedish authorities has not imposed a rigid quarantine, and only urged people to respect the social distance and the ability to work remotely. In addition, since the beginning of March closed to nursing homes. However, the spread of infection be prevented. About 37 percent of all who died lived in nursing homes, the spread of the virus in them have confirmed 234 communes of 290.

Today in Sweden there were almost five thousand deaths related COVID-19, more than 53 thousand people have been infected.

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