Turkey may buy Russian amphibious aircraft be-200 after rent

Turkey is considering the purchase of Russian amphibians be-200 leased for four months for fighting forest fires, told RIA Novosti member of the Board of Directors of the company – the operator of the aircraft SMS Savunma Sanayi Fizuli Mollaev.

As reported RIA Novosti on Tuesday the press-service of United aircraft Corporation (UAC, included in "rostec"), two Russian amphibian be-200 arrived in Turkey to assist in fighting forest fires. Request for assistance in combating forest fires was received from the Ministry of agriculture and forestry of Turkey. Amphibious aircraft be-200 from the Russian crews for four months will be on duty in the area of Antalya, Izmir and Bodrum.

"Our company won awarded by the Ministry of agriculture and forestry Turkish tender for services in extinguishing forest fires and signed a contract with the UAC of Russia and Ministry of emergency situations to lease for 4 months two planes be-200 with the subsequent purchase. We will see how to show these planes in Turkey in the season of forest fires, and this will depend on the decision about their purchase. The favorable outcome of the trial period we are considering in the future, the acquisition of more aircraft," - said the Agency interlocutor.

According to him, in the company SMS Savunma Sanayi long worked on this topic, there was a lot of competitive offers, including from the canadian and Japanese companies that produce amphibious aircraft. "But we were determined to work with Russian planes. Be-200 we saw at the exhibition "Тeknofest-2019" in Istanbul, compared the potential of their other aircraft. The be-200 is designed to save the people, infrastructure that is multipurpose machine which is much better than the machines of the same type from other countries," said Malaev.

He added that if forest fires in Turkey will continue after mid-October, the period of the lease of Russian aircraft will be extended to the complete elimination of fires. "These planes will provide security and fire protection throughout the territory of Turkey. Aircraft maintenance takes on the Turkish side. The crew of the Russian, Turkish specialists will coordinate with him the work on the points of fire, to give them the coordinates," - said the Agency interlocutor.

He noted that the Turkish Commission during inspection of the aircraft praised their potential. "The pilots showed the highest level of skill. When the discharge of water over a specified period of time, they in 1,5 times exceeded the norm. I hope that the pilots and equipment will show itself at its best when fighting forest fires," added Malaev.

In September last year, the government of the Rostov region reported that the Turkish delegation headed by the Minister of agriculture and forestry of the country, visited Taganrog aviation scientific-technical complex named after G. M. Beriev (TANTK) interested in the opportunity to purchase produce there be-200. The meeting began talks on possible supplies to Turkey for amphibious aircraft to fight forest fires.

Be-200CHS – the world's only jet amphibious aircraft, which provides undeniable advantages in speed when fighting fires, it can take on Board 12 tons of water, has better performance in the number of discharges of water for one hour. When the distance "base – fire" 100 km and "airfield – water" 10 km with one refuelling, the plane is able to dump on the fire to 270 tons of water.