KCNA: DPRK can remember about the idea of turning Seoul into a "sea of fire"

The South Korean authorities should not pass on Pyongyang the responsibility for the elimination of the office of inter-Korean ties, as Seoul was the first to break the agreement, if such charges continue, the DPRK can remember about the idea of turning Seoul into a "sea of fire", said in published comments of the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea (KCNA).

"If the (South Korean government) can't follow the language, then we can again think have long forgotten the idea of turning Seoul into a sea of fire," writes KCNA.

According to the Agency, voiced the position of the South Korean Ministry of unification, in which North Korea's actions were called "Panmunjom violation of the Declaration and unilateral termination" is a distortion.

South Korea, according to the Agency, openly carried out various "hostile acts", in particular "rehearsal of war with the attack on the North", and still systematically violated the agreement recorded in the inter-Korean agreements, but continues to blame the North.

Published on the KCNA statement, the first Deputy head of the Department of the Central Committee of the WPK Kim Jeong also noted that South Korea is constantly "ignores" the fact of sending to the North of leaflets the deserters without trying "to apologize, to repent, and to ensure that this will never happen again".

The presidential administration of South Korea earlier condemned the activists send leaflets to the DPRK and said that the government will continue to implement inter-Korean agreements carefully and to stop all subsequent attempts to send propaganda materials on the territory of North Korea.

According to the North Korean side, South Korea put on a "around his neck the noose of nizkopoklonnichestvo before Washington", consultation on every decision within the framework of the working group with the United States and conducting joint military exercises.

According to Kim Yu-Jeong, now the South Korean authorities will not be able to conduct any business with the North, and they can only "regret and sorrow".

Recently the media reported that in the area of the Kaesong industrial complex, located on the territory of the DPRK, in the second half of the day, explosions were heard and smoke was observed. South Korean unification Ministry confirmed that North Korea blew up the inter-Korean liaison office in Kaesong. Later and the DPRK announced the "complete destruction" of the coordination office.