The inhabitants of Mordovia allowed to walk and exercise in the fresh air

The head of Mordovia Vladimir Volkov has allowed the region's residents to walk for two people to play sports in the fresh air, and also opened stores, shops and services rendered in premises of not more than 400 square meters.

"We have received the necessary approval from the CPS to continue with the phased removal of restrictions. 17 June in the Republic are entered in easing the movement of citizens will be allowed to take a walk, exercise in the fresh air. Of course, not in large groups, and one or two people. Also be resumed in the sphere of services and part of non-food shops in the premises of an area not exceeding 400 square meters, with a separate entrance," said Volkov, addressing to inhabitants of Mordovia.

The head of the region noted that the lifting of restrictions does not change the requirements of social distance, mask mode. "Masks and gloves will remain with us for a long time, for example, in public transport, shops, pharmacies – where necessary. This is for your own safety. I would also ask you to limit visits to public areas, not to gather companies on benches, in gazebos, not to use playgrounds. I am particularly concerned about the safety of our children. I ask all parents and grandparents not to neglect these issues," - said Volkov.

According oberstab of the Republic of Mordovia for the period of the pandemic 2707 recorded cases of coronavirus infection. 22 people died.

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