More than a hundred Russian sailors returned to Kaliningrad from abroad

More than 100 Russian sailors who could not return to Russia because of restrictive measures related to pandemic coronavirus, arrived in Kaliningrad airport "Khrabrovo", 92 more representative of the Maritime crews must return to Kaliningrad on Wednesday evening, told RIA Novosti in the operational headquarters on control of novel coronavirus infection.

"In "Khrabrovo" flew 116 people. Among them, 101 the enterprise (arrived from Mauritania and the Spanish Las Palmas), and 15 people from other regions - from Krasnodar Krai, Astrakhan and Murmansk regions, which will be sent to the Observatory," - said in the sit room.

Flight from Las Palmas landed at Kaliningrad airport at 7.28 (8.28 GMT). Tonight at 20.00 (21.00 GMT) from the airport Sorvag in the Faroe Islands is expected the Board, who will bring additional 92 marine crews - 91 Kaliningrad and one citizen of Belarus with the Russian residence permit. According oberstab, the day in Russia will bring the largest number of sailors from the beginning of the period coronavirus infection.

Since April 20 due to the spread of coronavirus to everyone arriving to the Kaliningrad region through the airport "Khrabrovo" we need to respect isolation for 14 days from the date of arrival in the region: residents of the Kaliningrad region, as well as those who with them live - in the home, living in other regions of the Russian Federation in the conditions of the Observatory.

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