The MS-21 was tested in flight with one engine shut off

The latest Russian medium-haul MS-21 airliner checked in-flight with one engine shut off, said in an interview with RIA Novosti, the test pilot of the Corporation "Irkut" (part of UAC Rostec) Oleg Mutovin.

"With further development of aircraft systems, failure is detected less and less. Starting from some stage, we according to the test program, especially themselves introduce faults to assess the functioning of backup systems and reconfiguration of the Board in responding to the consequences of failure. For example, recently my colleague once again for more than two hours flew on MS-21 with one disabled engine for the evaluation of the systems of the aircraft in such a situation," said Mutovin.

He noted that the fourth experienced MS-21-300 in the first flight, and during the stretch in Zhukovsky in March this year showed high reliability of all systems. "In recent years, we increase the intensity of test flights. Often in a single day, flying two cars, and in early June in the sky at the same time, there were three aircraft MS-21-300", - said the Agency interlocutor.

MS-21-300 - short / medium - haul passenger aircraft of the new generation capacity from 150 to 211 passengers. The first flight was made on may 28, 2017. The completion certification is scheduled for 2020, the launch of serial production – 2021-th. The first operator of the new aircraft, presumably, will be "Aeroflot".

Currently a liner is being tested with foreign PW1400G engines of firm Pratt