Russia has proposed to introduce a new allowance for single mothers

Public organization of the national PTA launched an initiative to conduct a temporary additional allowance for mothers and fathers raising children alone, according to RT.

Monthly compensation at the rate of not less than two subsistence minimums per family member is paid before the end of the year.

The initiative is directed on consideration in the state Duma and the government.

As told by RT the head of the RNC Irina Volynets, in spite of the fact that children of different ages has already paid benefits, lone parents remain a vulnerable social group due to the difficult economic situation against the background of the pandemic coronavirus.

While Volynets stressed that those benefits that are already in place for this group of parents, should be retained in full.

Previously, because of the economic situation, caused by a coronavirus pandemic, on all children under three years of age from April to June was introduced monthly allowances of five thousand rubles.

For children aged three to 16 have been approved lump sum payments in the amount of ten thousand rubles.

In addition, low-income parents began to transfer the child allowance from three to seven years to the month before — not since July of 2020, as originally planned, and since June.

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