Called the most common computer viruses

In may, attackers often sent the Russians banking Trojans programs to infect devices and for covert mining of cryptocurrencies, said at the disposal of RIA Novosti research Check Point.

Top 3 active malware in the world in may - Dridex banking Trojan, which affects Windows (used to intercept personal data and payment card data), Agent Tesla (used to steal Wi-Fi passwords and can obtain the account from Outlook with the target PC) and XMRig. In may Dridex affected 4% of the organizations worldwide, and Tesla XMRig Agent -- 3% each.

The experts also found a few malicious spam campaigns, which were disseminated by e-mail Trojan Ursnif (aimed at obtaining access to confidential data and email data, Bank account). In may, he has risen in the ranking of the most active malware in the world from the 19th place to fifth.

"Given that in may the banking Trojans Dridex, Agent Tesla and Ursnif entered the top 5, it becomes clear that cyber criminals are now focused on the use of malicious programs that allow them to monetize sensitive user data," - said the head of the group kiberrazvedki Check Point Maya Horowitz.