Fadeev offensive comments about former wards

Producer Maxim Fadeev in his Instagram compared the musicians with whom he previously worked with women of easy virtue.

The producer said that the last five years living "in a real hell," and recently were considered normal consumer attitude from "children".

"Six months ago, I thought it was normal: when you devalue, not considered with your opinion, desire, when you are simply "food" and a trampoline for their kids, when to you the consumer attitude. And love, as prostitutes just for the money! Only the product of a different music! Wrote a good song — you have "God", wrote bad — you're the enemy! And if, God forbid, a good song from another artist — tantrums at once: "You betrayed me" etc. what a pity that you are not for them neither a teacher nor a friend or just the person who gave him a new life. You're food!" — said Fadeev.

Now, according to the producer, he realizes the happiness and writes music, not thinking about anything in addition.

"Why do I understand it today? Because I have something to compare. Today I Wake up in the morning, and I'm not afraid to look at the phone and wait for what I will see there is another complaint, whining, or some abomination about your colleague with the label," he concluded.

At the end of October Fadeev announced the cancellation of their contracts with all artists of the label MALFA. Then he said that he decided to restructure the company and create a small brand focused on exclusivity and the result. The decision on the dissolution of the producer justified the "theft system" on the part of managers, and getting the label "obscure forces".