In the United States military was accused of killing a policeman, an African American

The U.S. Department of justice accused the military with ties to far-right grouping in the resonant murder of a police officer, an African American during the protests, said in a statement, Federal Prosecutor David Anderson.

At the end of may in California during protests in connection with the police killing of an African-American George Floyd was shot to death police officer Patrick underwood. On Tuesday of murder charges brought against the air force Sergeant Stephen Carillo. Also accused of complicity in the murder of Robert Dzhastes - the driver of the car from which the shooting was carried out by the police.

"Pat underwood was killed because he wore the uniform," said Federal Prosecutor Anderson.

According to the U.S. Department of justice, June 6, was discovered by van from which there was shooting. When the police came to search the house Carillo, he shot from ambush on a police officer and another wounded. Finally, Carillo was arrested after he stole another car and tried to escape.

In the house of Carillo was discovered automatic type AR-15 with a silencer and ammunition. In addition, Carillo with his blood wrote on the car of the phrases that are linked to some "extremist ideology", said the Ministry of justice.

The CBS reported that Carillo could belong to extremist "movement Boogaloo", which combines far-right slogans armed confrontation authorities, racist concept of "white supremacist".