South Korea, the DPRK threatened "retribution" in case of war

The South Korean military has expressed deep concern over the DPRK's decision to cease to comply with the agreement with the South and declared that in the event of hostilities Pyongyang will have to pay the price.

CSA has noted the head of military operations for the joint chiefs of staff of South Korea Chung Dong Jin, the DPRK's actions "nullify all together made for more than 20 years of results and efforts to progress inter-Korean relations and peace on the Korean Peninsula."

Earlier, North Korean General staff announced the plans to return the military contingent in the tourist area of kymgansan and the industrial zone of Kaesong. This was preceded by the explosion of inter-Korean liaison office in Kaesong.

The eighth of June, KCNA reported full breakup of all communication lines with the South, including the military channel and the special line between the top leadership of the two countries.

A few days ago, first Deputy head of the Department of the Central Committee of the workers ' party of Korea and the sister of leader Kim Jeong said that "in the near future we will see a pathetic picture of how to the ground it destroyed a useless joint liaison office of the North and the South."

Kaesong, located less than 50 kilometers from Seoul, is considered one of the main directions for the promotion of North Korean troops to the South in the event of hostilities.