The Pentagon retired official involved in the impeachment of Trump

Deputy Deputy Minister of defense - chief financial controller Department Elaine McCusker whose letters appeared in the investigation for the impeachment of Donald Trump, resigned, said in a statement, the Minister of defense mark Esper.

He thanked McCusker for work, not calling the reasons for her resignation.

During the investigation, impeachment, the Democrats quoted in correspondence McCusker, in which she wondered on what basis the United States to withhold military assistance to Ukraine. Democrats in the house of representatives announced Trump the impeachment, saying that he delayed assistance to Kiev, hoping in return to get dirt on his political opponent, Democrat Joe Biden. The Senate trump justified so that the US President has remained in office and was not removed from power. Trump denies the charges.

Trump in 2019 announced to the Senate that wants to increase McCusker to the Deputy Minister, but in March 2020 has withdrawn her candidacy for a promotion.