The Parliament of Bolivia has blocked a loan from the IMF for $327 million

The Parliament of Bolivia voted against the adoption of credit in the amount of 327 million dollars to combat the coronavirus, which is the country approved the international monetary Fund (IMF) in response to the request of the interim government, according to local news Agency ABI.

According to the statement of the Deputy Minister of Finance and public credit Carlos Slinka, the parliamentary planning Commission explained this decision by the lack of documentation required for the approval of external loans. In particular, the deputies of the MAS party ("Movement to socialism") has asked the government to provide a credit agreement and Supreme decree confirming his power.

In turn, Slink noted that Bolivia is one of the countries-shareholders of the IMF, and therefore, in this case the need to provide these documents is missing. He also stressed that during the Morales presidency, the Parliament without any difficulty approved 230 loans totaling $ 17 billion. Thus, according to the interim government, the issue is politicized.

According to the Agency, four loans totaling over a billion dollars, requested by the interim government to combat the pandemic are under consideration of Parliament.

After opposition in Bolivia led by Carlos Mesa said on mass violations in the elections on 20 October 2019, ex-President Evo Morales under the pressure of war, resigned as President and left the country. After it had retired all the top leadership of Bolivia, the government passed the opposition Vice-speaker of the Senate Jeannine Agnes. Authorities announced the holding of new presidential elections. Morales is forbidden to participate in them as a candidate, he is in Argentina, where directs the presidential campaign, "Movement to socialism".