The DPRK plans to pull troops to the border with South Korea

North Korea is considering a plan for the introduction of troops in the border areas and resumption of military exercises, the statement of the representative of the General staff of the Korean people's army, which leads the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea (KCNA).

Located near the border zones of inter-Korean cooperation in the Kaesong and the mountains kymgansan was created in the early 2000-ies. Kaesong, located less than 50 kilometers from Seoul, is considered one of the main directions for the promotion of North Korean troops to the South in the event of hostilities. Prior to the start of construction of industrial complex in 2003, on its Eastern edge was located several divisions, armed with tanks and armored personnel carriers, and artillery brigade with self-propelled guns and RZSO are able to strike the South Korean capital.

In addition, according to a spokesman of the General staff, in the demilitarized zone dividing the conflicting sides in accordance with the armistice agreement in the Korean war, will be re-deployed observation posts of the military police, previously withdrawn therefrom in accordance with the military agreement of the North and South signed during the summit in Pyongyang in 2018. Of the eleven points, the withdrawal of which is then managed to coordinate was located at a distance less than a kilometer from each other that periodically provoked the collision.

"Will be strengthened combat duty artillery units stationed on all fronts, including the South-Western sea front, and all along the front the level of alert will be raised to the highest. Near border areas will also be resumed regular military exercises", - stated in the third paragraph.

In addition, the military command of the DPRK is planning to open on all fronts of plots suitable for the distribution of leaflets, "installing the strictest security measures and reliably providing the military means of our people's movement for sending leaflets to the South."

On the eve of the General staff in an open statement presented a similar plan for "the transformation of the front of the fortress", but did not provide details. Following this, North Korea blew up the building of inter-Korean liaison office, located on the territory of the Kaesong industrial complex. Undermining, as noted by the KCNA, was carried out in response to "people's anger, demanding that the scum and those who harbour them suffered severe punishment."

The worsening inter-Korean relations began on 4 June with the Declaration of the Deputy head of the Department of the Central Committee of the WPK Kim Jeong. In it the younger sister of the leader of the DPRK condemned the continued sending North propaganda leaflets by groups of defectors living in the South, and accused the South Korean authorities in violation of the agreements reached at the inter-Korean summit in April 2018. In the absence of effective measures Seoul threatened the final demolition of idle South Korean industrial complex in Kaesong, a closure located in the joint office of communication and withdrawal from the agreement of the military North and South in 2018, providing for the creation of buffer zones border areas.