The Federation Council will hear the report of the attorney General

The Federation Council will hear on Wednesday a report of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation on the status of the rule of law in Russia in 2019. Such annual performance - already a tradition.

As follows from the draft resolution of the Federation Council, which will be taken on Wednesday, the senators intend to ask the Prosecutor General to monitor the situation with payments to doctors, and regional leaders to take control of the timely and full implementation of these payments,

Speaking on Tuesday at a meeting of the relevant Council Committee on constitutional legislation, first Deputy Prosecutor General Alexander Buksman said that prosecutors already have made payments to physicians of all levels more than 1 billion rubles in connection with the coronavirus.

Also the Federation Council invites the attorney General to provide prosecution response measures compliance with labor and social rights of citizens, paying particular attention to the appointment and payment of pensions, allowances, compensations and payments, including accrued within the framework of realization of measures on overcoming the consequences of coronavirus