Repair of aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" will cost of 251.4 million rubles

Ship repair centre "Zvezdochka" (Murmansk) intends to contract with the only bidder on a number of repairs on the aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov", in which the fire occurred, the contract price is of 251.4 million rubles, follows from the data portal of public procurement.

The fire on the "Admiral Kuznetsov" took place on 12 December last year in the first unit as the result of sparks from welding work in the hold, where the spilled fuel. The fire was extinguished nearly a day, two people were killed and more than ten were injured. The head of the United shipbuilding Corporation (USC) Alexey Rakhmanov has told RIA Novosti that the fire will not affect the ship date to the fleet in 2022 after repair and modernization. Now the ship is being repaired in Murmansk.

According to the materials announced in may a request for proposals, the contractor will perform the cleaning of the superstructure on the starboard side and the painting on the starboard side, as well as repair of hull structures superstructures. Approximate area of clearing and staining – a little more than 2 thousand square meters. To mount and dismantle scaffolding contractor also must own. The contract price was stated in 252,5 million rubles.

According to the portal of public procurement, the tender was declared the sole party. The company name is not specified. The participant suggested that the amount of the contract equal to the maximum, but as a result of pre-contractual negotiations it was reduced.

"To conclude a contract with the sole participant of the procurement procedure... the total cost of work: 251 377 771,83 of the ruble, including taxes, including VAT, transportation costs and other obligatory payments", - stated in the final Protocol of the procurement Commission. The Treaty itself is not yet concluded.

According to the technical task, the completion of the work the customer expects until 31 August 2022. The term of the agreement expires November 30, 2022.