Maduro demanded from the European Union to "go to hell" from Venezuela

The European Union should get the hell from Venezuela and not to interfere in its Affairs, said President Nicolas Maduro.

At the meeting with the support of the United socialist party of Venezuela (PSUV), he touched upon the upcoming elections to the National Assembly. On Tuesday, the European Union condemned the decision of the Supreme court of Venezuela to update the composition of the National electoral Council (CNE), stating that such decisions "reduce the space for democracy in the country to a minimum." The EU noted that independent CNE as equal participation conditions for all political parties required for a "credible electoral process".

"Elections, democracy, freedom! And so no one interfered in the Affairs of Venezuela! So I made a statement to the EU: worries about the coronavirus, you worry about racism in the EU, worries about the economic crisis, do not mess more with Venezuela! Away from Venezuela, the European Union, enough already coloristically your point of view!" exclaimed Maduro.

"Venezuela is not a back yard! The European Union let him go away! I won't say a word (where – ed.) because it's (broadcast – ed), go to hell, to put it mildly", he added.