UN Secretary-General commented on the aggravation on the Korean Peninsula

UN Secretary-General antónio Guterres expressed concern at recent developments on the Korean Peninsula, the press service of the UN.

"The Secretary-General is concerned about recent events on the Korean Peninsula. The Secretary General called for the resumption of inter-Korean dialogue, which would lead to a peaceful solution," - said in the message.

Yonhap news Agency, citing a military source on Tuesday said that in the area of the Kaesong industrial complex, located on the territory of the DPRK, in the afternoon local time, explosions were heard and smoke was observed. South Korean unification Ministry confirmed that North Korea blew up the inter-Korean liaison office in Kaesong. Later and the DPRK announced the "complete destruction" of the coordination office.

A joint liaison office of the North and South was opened in accordance with the agreements between the two leaders at the summit at the border crossing Panmunjom in April 2018. Thus, his work lasted only 19 months. The office was located in a four story building, built in 2007. Prior to the termination of work of the Kaesong industrial complex in 2016, the building was used by the Coordinating Bureau of inter-Korean exchanges and cooperation.

The thirteenth of June in the next statement of the first Deputy head of the Department of the Central Committee of the WPK Kim Jeong said that "in the near future we will see a pathetic picture of how to the ground it destroyed a useless joint liaison office of the North and the South." The right implementation of the "next step against the enemy," she promised to convey the General staff of the Korean people's army (kPa).

The General staff of the kPa in an open message on Tuesday announced the elaboration of action plans for the introduction of North Korean troops in the demilitarized in accordance with the inter-Korean agreements of the zone. According to military sources, the Yonhap news Agency, under them, most likely, refers to the areas of Kaesong city and mountains kymgansan used for joint projects on creation of industrial and tourist zones. In particular, the Kaesong, located less than 50 kilometers from Seoul, is considered one of the main directions for the promotion of North Korean troops to the South in the event of hostilities. Prior to the start of construction of industrial complex in 2003, on its Eastern edge was located several divisions, armed with tanks and armored personnel carriers, and artillery brigade with self-propelled guns and RZSO are able to strike the South Korean capital.