The Saratov Governor considered it of mud and swamp "highlight" of the region

Governor of the Saratov region Valery Radaev has put a subordinate task to draw this year, three million tourists and instructed to look for highlights in the region, which proposed the inclusion of marsh in Novoburasskogo district and mud from Ershovskogo area, which is used in the balneological hospital of Saratov.

"There was one (a million tourists in 2019), put three to this task... the Highlight should be, especially now... Novoburasskogo district, for example, there is a natural monument swamp moss. And who to it ever gone? It helped tenants to "UAZ"... and just all together out there in the swamp drowned. And nobody went, and it is one of the first sites of man on the Saratov earth," said Radaev at meeting of coordination Council on anti-COVID-19 in the field.

"(The head of oblmedzdrav), Oleg Kostin, he restored the health resort, historical resort in Saratov with natural resources of water, our natural mud ershovskay. Why health tourism is today the highlight of 2020 is not? Just need it as never before. Why? If you do not light... need Light, light" - called the head of the region.

He criticized the position of the Chairman of regional Committee on tourism Victoria Borodyansky, who called the Volga is the main highlight of tourism of the Saratov this summer.

"Be sure to engage opportunities and environmental focus, and health orientation, which was not functional, loud to the present day. This is the opportunity you have today, please, promote, develop. I ask you to adopt", he concluded.