The expert commented on the situation with the capture of the monastery in the Urals

Banned from serving Abbot Sergiy (Romanov) of Sverdlovsk region went to an open confrontation with Church authorities, does not exclude the intervention and law enforcement, said Tuesday RIA Novosti Director of the human rights center of world Russian people's Council, theologian Roman Silant'ev, commenting on reports about the capture of supporters of chiyoumen monastery in the Urals.

Some media earlier wrote that in Sredneuralskaya convent, where he served as Novels, introduced round-the-clock with the involvement of the Cossacks, at the request of chiyoumen. According to the Yekaterinburg diocese, the legitimate superior, the nun Varvara (Krygina), was actually dismissed by the monastery of Romanov, who was the spiritual father of the monastery. Now in the monastery for the services and assistance of the abbess appointed the clergyman of Novo-Tikhvinskiy convent, Archpriest Georgiy Viktorov.

"Chiyoumen Sergiy (Romanov) have any followers, they can consider themselves and the Cossacks, and indeed to be... Yet have specific support groups was not observed - maybe they are waiting for. But the refusal to leave the monastery which does not belong to him and which he is now illegally, failure to follow the instructions of the ruling Bishop, this is a direct step towards confrontation," - said Silantyev.

He drew attention to the fact that at the meeting of the diocesan court 15 Jun Novels pointedly came with a cross, which he was forbidden to wear, and before that, refused to go to the monastery near Ganina Yama, as he was identified in the ruling Bishop.

"Here is outright foolishness on his part that his "crucify" gathered that they want to expel the sisters of the convent, although the nuns were not mentioned in any decision - all only applies to him personally. And an attempt to shift the responsibility on others is strange. This concerns you, and you're responsible for yourself, and here the sisters, who threaten no one and no bans on them does not impose", - said Silantyev.

In his opinion, the diocese clearly wants to bring the situation to a violent confrontation. "It may be that there will come the police and get him arrested, because the case is already having on certain articles," suggested the defender.

He found it difficult to answer the question, how many supporters of chiyoumen Sergiy (Romanov) throughout Russia.

"It is possible that many adherents now from him and retreat, because, after all, many of these people are quite normal and are just beginning to understand what's going on. Because it's one thing when a priest and a legitimate member of the Church, and another thing, when the priest already consider themselves separate, in fact, speaks of the Patriarch, and the hierarchy refuses to obey them. That is, it is all formed the sect. For many to leave the sect, even for the so-called elders have no desire," - said the expert.

According to him, in this case it would be "interesting to hear the position of the sisters of the convent and of the abbess on this issue". "In the monastery, generally, abbess officially in charge, and it will be imputed in duty to expel him out, to expel with the entrusted territory illegally on her person," - said Silantyev.

Previously, the diocese has forbidden the priesthood and deprived of the right to wear the pectoral cross of St. Sergius after he during a sermon said that Russians want to put in the "e-camp of Satan", "the wicked put on the self-isolation", deprived of "freedom and work" and urged his parishioners to go out. He also cursed all who advocate the closure of churches. Despite the ban, soon appeared on YouTube the next speech of the priest, in which he again criticized the closing of temples "because of pseudopodia" coronavirus. Monday held a meeting of the diocesan Church court in the case of chiyoumen Sergius, however, a review of the activities of the priest was moved on 26 June.