The Saratov Governor lamented the failure of mask mode

Governor of the Saratov region Valery Radaev said that on Tuesday afternoon proceeded more than two-kilometer pedestrian zone in the centre of Saratov and was the only person in the mask of the thousands walking down the street.

Authorities in the region to 21 June has banned all mass activities, cafes, restaurants, cultural and physical education, ordered everyone to wear masks in public places, and people over 65 years - to a regime of self-isolation. Forbidden walks in places of mass rest of people, except for the embankments.

"Today I was held in the afternoon, around 13.00 (12.00 GMT), according to our pedestrian area mask mode, all scared - I was only one (masked) from the ten thousands of the people he saw. It was not very nice, was breathing also, because the length (of the path) two kilometers 300 meters, well at least under a mountain," said Radaev at meeting of coordination Council on anti-COVID-19 in the field.

However, the head of the region urged his colleagues and the residents of the region have to abide by a mask mode in the places of trade, where it is difficult to observe social distance, as it affects the incidence of coronavirus in the region and, accordingly, the process of removing the limitations.

"Where necessary, in public areas, it is primarily a trade where every day people comes, maximum need to ask them to still preserve this sanitary regime. Today we have on the active control (for coronavirus) about a thousand people under observation... If we maintain this trend, believe me, we are not so long and come to the second stage (removal of restrictions)," said the Governor.

In total, the region 4857 laboratory-confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus, died in 39 patients, recovered 2204.

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