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Russia and the EU intend to ensure the full implementation of the nuclear deal with Iran

Russia and the EU intend to ensure the full implementation of the joint comprehensive plan for Iran's nuclear program, said Tuesday the Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said after a telephone conversation with EU high representative for foreign Affairs and security policy, Josep Borrell.

"We discussed, of course, quite in detail the situation around the Iranian nuclear program. Stressed our commitment to both Russia and the EU - to ensure sustainable and comprehensive implementation of the Joint comprehensive plan of action," - said Lavrov. He added that he and Borrell "exchanged views on complicated processes that are now promoted in Vienna in the framework of the IAEA Board of governors, and in new York.

"Where are our American colleagues are trying to promote decisions that radically contrary to all agreements reached in the framework AGREEMENT, which was approved by the UN Security Council resolution 2231" - said the Minister.

The conversation Lavrov and Borrell took place after the visit on Tuesday in Moscow the Minister for foreign Affairs of Iran Mohammad Javad Zarif. At a press conference after talks with his Iranian counterpart Lavrov also spoke of "unscrupulous" steps against Iran, which are trying to implement in the framework of the IAEA and the UN.

"The last report of the UN Secretary-General's Guterres on the situation with resolution 2231 goes far beyond the powers available to the Secretariat of the United Nations. Raises many questions and the fact that this report, in fact, at the time of its publication was immediately leaked to the Western press. By the way, and the report of the IAEA Director General Grossi, which is now being discussed at the meeting of the Board of governors, was also absolutely illegally leaked into the public space," - said Lavrov.

He stressed that "regards such acts aims to create artificial excuses to justify illegal attacks on Iran."

"Those who are behind these actions, encourages and initiates them behave in unscrupulous and very dishonest", - stated the head of the Russian foreign Ministry.