The victim is deceased lieferung Alena Verdi wants to send the claim clinic

A resident of Krasnodar Alexander Acireale, which is recognized as the victim in the case of lieferung, the hands which, according to the investigation, suffered five people, told RIA Novosti that after the death of the accused considering to complain to the managers of the clinic, which hosted a plastic surgery.

The criminal case against Alena Verdi, who had no medical education, opened in Krasnodar in April 2019. She was threatened with imprisonment for the term up to 6 years. In the media Verdi was nicknamed "Dr. Frankenstein". In early June it was reported that the trial was postponed for health reasons of the defendant. On Monday, the press service of SUCK for the Krasnodar territory, responding to a question about Verdi, reported that a woman died on this fact scheduled preliminary examination.

The victim in the criminal case told the Agency about his plans in connection with the death of the accused.

"If possible, we will make a complaint to the Director and head doctor of the clinic where she worked, where she was operated on... For all the harm which I have for three years endured, would like someone to answer for it. We have such a thing as Statute of limitations, they are not even going to deal with this", - told RIA Novosti Acireale. However, she did not clarify the claims of the criminal or civil nature, she plans to present to physicians.

The representative of the other victim's lawyer, Anastasia Ismailova, Andrei Taran told the Agency that further procedural actions with his doveritelnyi not yet discussed, noting that a civil action to Verdi before her death has not been filed.

He also expressed the opinion that the chances of collecting money from relatives Verdi is close to zero.

In April last year, the regional SUS'k reported that the person involved in this story also became the CEO of the clinic in respect of which criminal proceedings were instituted under article about services that do not meet the requirements of safety of life and health of the consumer. However, the operational information about the decision taken against him and his current procedural status of the Agency in the Department to have not yet succeeded.